[ASP.NET MVC] The ForeignKeyAttribute on property is not valid

You might encounter the error (below) when working on ASP.NET MVC project stating that :

The ForeignKeyAttribute on property 'EmployeeId' on type 'EmployeeSalary' 
is not valid. The navigation property 'Employee' was not found on the dependent 
type 'EmployeeSalary'. The Name value should be a valid navigation property name.

This error occurred when you trying to set ForeignKey attribute without indicating navigate
property name.

Here our EmployeeSalary table :
public partial class EmployeeSalary 
 public int id { get; set; }
 public int EmployeeId { get; set; }
 public decimal Salary{ get; set; }

As you might have already seen we didn’t assign navigate property name,therefore,the error above occurred.In order to solve this problem we should just add property as this:

public virtual Employee Employee { get; set; }


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